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Hôtel de Ville

Circuit Patrimonial Melusine 01

The town hall

hotel 01

The Communal house

Following the foundation of the communes in December 1789, communal houses were established so elected representatives would meet in a specifically intended location.
The first communal house was located opposite the Barse source, in front of the Moulin CORNET (Mill), at the intersection of the Grande Rue, the Rue du Chapon, and the present day Rue Aimé BRENOT.
From 1790 onwards, ‘arbres de la liberté’ (freedom trees) started to flourish all over the country following the French Revolution.
Since there was insufficient ground for one around the communal house, the Baron of Vendeuvre suggested planting it as close as possible, on a plot of land in the park of the château.

hotel 02

The town hall

In 1853, the first communal house was sold, which helped to finance the purchase of a building that would become the new town hall on the Place du Calvaire, its current location.

hotel 03

The iron battalion

The exclusion of the Aube region from the delineation of the Champagne appellation vineyards triggered the wrath of the Aube winegrowers. Gaston CHEQ organised a protest march in Bar-sur-Aube. The so-called iron battalion headed for the Prefecture, pausing in front of the Vendeuvre Town Hall on 8 April 1911, and proceeding on to Troyes the following day.
It was only in 1927 that the vineyards of the Aube region, particularly the Côte des Bar, were to join the Champagne appellation.

hotel 04

The war memorial

The war memorial replaced the freedom tree and was unveiled on 24 September 1922.

hotel 05

13 and 14 July 1940

Bombing of Vendeuvre.

hotel 06

The square

The square took on its existing appearance in the late 1940s when the construction of the bandstand made it a place for gatherings and festivities.

hotel 07


General DE GAULLE, the President of the French Republic, visited Vendeuvre during an official visit of the Aube en Champagne Department in 1963.